Carpark Owners / Operators

If you are the owner / operator of one or more carparks anywhere in the world, you may have them included on the Parking Radar map, free of charge. The only requirement is that each given carpark must include some spaces (all, or a reasonable subset) which are, in principle, available to the public, either paid or free.

In the Tag box below, enter the short name by which we can identify your entries. This name will not be visible to the users, but is used for our internal admin.

In the Coordinates box below, enter the (decimal) coordinates of each carpark in the format "latitude, longitude", with each carpark on a separate line. The latitude values should be between -90 and +90 (where negative values are in the southern hemisphere). The longitude values should be between -180 and +180 (where negative values are west of the prime meridian, positive values are east). Make sure you provide sufficient numbers of digits (at least 4) after the decimal point to ensure location precision. For example, here is what the contents of the box would look like for a couple of parking lots (which happen to be located in Paris, France):

48.923116, 2.365473
48.9229, 2.363705

Once you have completed entering your data, click the Submit button below.

Alternatively, if you have the coordinate listings available in some other file format, then rather than re-typing them into the box, tells us in the Comments box how you would like to submit the data, and we will get back to you via the email address you provide.


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